Your Leadfully Journey Starts Right Now!

Hi [Advisee]!

I'm excited that you've taken control of being the world class leader that'll thrive in current times.

Over the next 10 months, you'll go through an interactive online experience, amplified by one-on-one sessions with an advisor of your choice.

We believe that the best way to quickly build and hone new behaviors and mindsets is to set your goals, learn, practice in real life, and reflect constantly and consistently.

Stick with it, and Leadfully will stick with you.


Your Plan

4 Capabilities - Optimism,  Creativity, Authentication Communication, Humanity

16 Behaviors - 4 behaviors for each capability



10 months program 

2 weeks to learn and practice each behavior

Up to 12 months to complete

Advisor Sessions

20 one-on-one sessions

Up to 2 sessions / month


The Web App

The Leadfully web app will provide the structure and pacing you need to go through your training.

In it, you'll be able to:

- Manage your goals and track signals of progress

- Take lessons, pick practices, and reflect at prescribed intervals

- Create a list of actions, or see actions given to you by your advisor

- Correspond with your advisor outside of sessions

Your first lesson will start as soon as you and your advisor have your introduction session.

Each time you start a lesson, you'll have 2 weeks to practice a new behavior before we introduce a new behavior to build on top of what you've learned.

Your advisor, [Advisor]

When we met [Advisor], we were impressed with [conditional blurb here].

I am proud of our handpicked advisor community, because we not only wanted executives who were great counsels, but relatable individuals who's been in your shoes, have weathered (and maybe still weathering) the trials of being a leader.

You and [Advisor] will decide how best to hold the sessions (phone, online video, in person).

If your schedule is as crazy as mine, I recommend setting up re-occurring sessions on your calendar now so you can manage a predictable schedule and cadence.


Got questions?  Check out our FAQ or reach me at